Medical Investment Fund ALFA
We invest for human health

The fund seeks to be the largest of its kind in the field of medical investments; the Fund also contributes to helping foreign investors to enter the investment market in Türkiye.

Licensed and secure

Works under the license and direct supervision of the Financial Markets Authority

Compatible with the rules of Islamic economics.

An investment wallet compliant with the rules of Islamic economics, licensed to attract and manage investment.

$ 10,000,000 within two years

The fund works on attracting investments of $ 10,000,000 within two years.

Medical Investment Fund

The Medical Investment Fund (ALFA) is a development fund compatible with the rules of Islamic economics that operates under the direct supervision and licensing of the Capital Market Authority in Türkiye. The fund specializes in investing into leading medical companies and projects with a promising future, and that in order to achieve the stability in the health sector in addition to the continuous growth of this vital field. The health sector is considered one of the largest sectors in terms of return on investment and capital growth, as well as benefiting people and societies.

The fund specializes in multiple medical fields and has a good return rate

Investing in funds licensed by the Capital Markets Authority is considered a safe method. It allows investors to benefit from a wide range of financial assets, and decrease the risks related to investing in individual stocks. Dr. Ahnaf Al-Jajah is a managing member of the ALFA Medical Investment Fund, which aims to reach ten million dollars. Investing in the ALFA Medical Investment Fund is open to people of all nationalities. It is characterized by granting the investor the right to obtain Turkish citizenship, including Syrian investors.

The expected cash profit annually, ranges from 9-12% of the fund’s size.

Members of the Board of Directors

Dr. Ahnaf Al Jajah

Doctor and businessman specializing in leading medical projects
Member of the Fund's Board of Directors
Chairman of the Board of Directors of IDS Medical Group, ParisAline and Mastery Academy Medical Corporation.

Dr. Fawzi Zakiraoglu

Vice Chairman and General Manager of 24 Company for the establishment and management of investment funds since 2015 (under the supervision and licensing of the Capital Markets Authority) Professor / Servet Binder

Attorney Deniz Baran

Professor of Law at Istanbul University A lawyer specializing in Turkish citizenship through investment Head of Globalist Law Firm

Key points about the medical investment fund

The Fund grants the investor the right to obtain Turkish citizenship immediately, and the fund provides a specialized lawyer to follow up on the transaction.
The Fund aims, within five years, to achieve a return on investment of 100%, and the end of the fund’s term has been set on 11-11-2028.
The minimum investment amount in the Fund is $30,000. The fund invests in companies that earn income in dollars only, thus, the Fund is not affected by the local currency

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